Bride and groom holding hands after ceremony, bright bold red color
As photographers, some of the best days of our lives have been other people's weddings. Photography is made for people in love and weddings are parties for people in love—so, what a perfect combination for us to work with you! We are fun and flexible, and we want the people we work with to be able to breathe (and smile) knowing their wedding is in good hands. Between the two of us, we can really see all the perspectives and help with a lot during your big day. We have done many different types of weddings. We love working with couples and seeing into the world they have made for themselves. There is no comparable feeling to being able to photograph these milestones in people's lives. We would love to hear from you to discuss how we can make your wedding be as beautiful as possible.
We offer a variety of photo packages to fit your budget. We can cover as much or as little as you need—engagement portraits, private bride and groom sessions, full families and groups, ceremony, reception, dancing, all day and all night! Video is an option too. Contact us for details.
Unique perspective of wedding couple in front of bright orange doors
Striking portrait of bride with red lipstick on a blue velvet background
First look, groom waits outside to see bride before wedding
Soft close-up of groom's face and hands with wedding ring
Landscape of outdoor wedding ceremony location
Couple in love on a dirt road near rural outdoor wedding in Oregon
Bride in white dress and flower crown smiling in a field of wildflowers
Married couple being lifted up on the dance floor for Jewish chair dance
Silhouette of couple in grand hallway
Groom at Mormon temple wedding, perspective shot with purple flowers
Beautiful bride in handmade dress and flower bouquet
Groom in blue suit on a grand maroon-carpeted staircase
Black and white photograph of night time ceremony
Large group of wedding attendees celebrating the happy couple
Catholic priest preparing for wedding ceremony
Close-up of bride with flowers at LDS Mormon wedding
Bride among bridesmaids all holding flowers
50th wedding anniversary couple kissing
Three-layer wedding cake decorated with branches and birds
Wedding couple at reflecting pool at the Portland Oregon Temple
Young couple holding each other against the marble walls of Portland Oregon Temple
Bride and groom in green landscape at Eugene Country Club
Couple kissing at water's edge, Washington state lake and sailboats in background
Oregon wedding on 4/20, bride and groom happily smoking together
Wedding reception dance party at dusk, groom gestures toward camera

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