Bettreena Jaeger / High Step Society
Watching artists at work gives us the creative spark that we need to keep our own work going. It's a conversation, a fair trade of ideas and inspiration. They make for the most colorful exuberant subject.
Showcasing people's feelings and ideas that they put into the world through art is so important to us. Stage performers, muralists, dancers, musicians, comedians, authors, fine artists, super fine artists—they create a unique sensual world all their own, a world we love to visit and document.

We work with many local artists, bands, performers, arts events and organizations, providing everything from portraits, band photos and live performances to fine art documentation, gallery events and advertising material. Please contact us if you think we'd be a good fit for what you've got going on!
Courtney D. Jones / Gateways Brass Collective 
Dorothy Siemens

The Gossamer Strings
Ratie D / Sanibonani
Otis Day
The Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass 
Kiran Maharjan

Flotsam River Circus

Paul Quillen
Darrell Grant & Eric Richardson
Jeremy Shank
Matthew Small
Rick Bartow
Wayde Love
Steven Lopez
Ray Goren
Blek le Rat
Adele Renault
Kenneth Overton
Kelly Thibodeaux
Courtney D. Jones
WK Interact
Hua Tunan
Barry Lopez
Jessilyn Brinkerhoff
Brandon Olszewski / Charleston Barnyard
Henry Christian / Hillstomp

Sidney Waerts

Martha Cooper
Alayna Sibille
Douglas Mcgowan
Bayne Gardner
Shamsia Hassani
Michael Whitenack
Kathleen Caprario
Justin Bauer and Hush
Fintan Magee
Shae Wirth
Dan Witz
Sugar Pine String Band
Betsy Hinze
Alexandra Cipolle
Paul Jacobs
Artist John Park sits within his interactive installation at a Eugene event
John Park / Harmonic Laboratory

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