Bearded man stares out fiercely with clenched fists covered in large rings
We believe in the power of people. We can see it in their eyes when we take their portrait. Entrepreneurs, organizers, parents, artists, the individuals that make up our community—everyone is powerful in their own way. Whether it's a professional head shot session or an impromptu run-in on the street, we're drawn to the unique personalities all around us every day.
Bright portrait of woman with big smile
Studio headshot of company executive
Studio headshot of company executive holding face in hands
Old cowboy proudly wears his championship rodeo belt buckle
Portrait of a woman who loves her life
Company head shot of young woman showing her character with a flower crown
Model in fur coat poses with beautiful dog in a natural setting
Low angle view of a man against a wall looking up into the sunlight
Boy in cowboy hat at county fair tends to his prize livestock
Portrait of teenage boy in denim jacket in a park
Teenage boy throws a baseball
Girl in pink stands in doorway of vintage RV trailer
Powerful stance for a hip young man with tattoos
Billy Barnett of Gung-Ho Studios in Eugene, Oregon at his control station
Portrait of singer/songwriter Paul Quillen
Boy smiles by the lake
Street scene of woman tying up her hair, wrapped in a thick scarf
Man in green suit and red flower coursage stands in contemplation
Child holds a potted plant over his shoulders
Cute young boy in glasses poses for the camera at special event
Model with blue eyes and denim jacket looks back in the gray of winter
Portrait of elderly man in blue dress shirt and cowboy hat casually leans in doorway

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